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This is the official site of MRIP™, Madison Researchers Into The Paranormal™, a group of paranormal investigators headquartered in the Madison, Wisconsin area, although some of our members travel from other states to perform research in one of the most pristine paranormal regions of the country.

Our aim is to scientifically investigate cases of alleged paranormal phenomena, and find a natural cause for the phenomena. If there is no natural cause, the phenomena will be classified appropriately, possibly being the subject of further research. We perform our investigations and conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all time.

Our research sites include public property, private residences and businesses. Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times. We use sensitive scientific equipment and operate using sound scientific principles. After the conclusion of our investigations, the concerned parties are given our findings, evidence and recommendations for follow-up.

We want to further the science of paranormal research, and with your assistance, we can. All you have to do is contact us if you have paranormal phenomena to report and would like to have it investigated by us. Click on the contact us button on the right.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our little piece of the internet, and may you take something away that will broaden your mind, and perhaps lead you down a new path of knowledge.

We are currently accepting applications for new members. Please contact us to learn more.

In our quest to be attentive stewards to our history, we are looking for candidates for our cemetery clean up projects. If you know of a cemetery in the Madison area that could use some tlc, email and let us know. We will post the ones that we will work on, and will always invite the interested public to help out in preserving the past here in Wisconsin.

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Madison Researchers Into The Paranormal (MRIP)™